If you follow @chalkfulloflove on Instagram, you saw alllllll the birthday spam as Emmie turned ONE and is officially no longer a tiny baby! Cue all of the tears. Even though it can be sad watching her grow up so fast, it’s been so fun watching her evolve into a little toddler and seeing her grow, learn, and play!

New stages in life means new toys! When choosing toys for Emmie, I like to keep a couple things in mind. First, I want it to be something practical she can use and even learn from. Second, I try to find toys that aren’t a total eye sore to look at. Ideally, we Mamas would love to keep our kids’ toys in one organized spot, but that’s just not realistic a lot of the time. So for the most part, I try to look for well-designed toys that I don’t mind looking at if they get spread out across the living room from time to time.

Emmie loves playing with things like blocks and baby dolls (anything with a face on it is a big hit for her!), and musical toys. She also loves things she can push around now that she’s walking. I personally have liked investing in things like playhouses and sets because she gets to interact with her own little space and I can see her imagination growing. I’ve gathered all our favorite toys below, and they’re all great options for a one-year old entering into the toddler stage. Check them out and shop using the links below!

  1. Minichari Bag // 2. Maisonette Doll // 3. Baby Block Walker // 4. Mermaid Train Table // 5. Toy Stroller // 6. Baking Set // 7. Musical Llama // 8. Mega Blocks // 9. Snail Ride-On // 10. Wooden Toy Workbench // 11. Palm Springs Playhouse

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