It’s rosé season and we are here. for. it. We take “rosé all day” very seriously at CFL during these hot Texas summers. Can you picture it? Sipping on a glass of cold, refreshing rosé on a summer night with a nice cheeseboard dinner, or as you’re relaxing by the pool, or in a little to-go cup for a summer picnic. You just can’t go wrong! Now, we aren’t experts, but we do consider ourselves tough critics, and we love finding good rosé at a fair price. We’ve rounded up our favorite, affordable rosé and we highly recommend them all! Grab a bottle to pair with dinner, or grab a few and have a little rosé tasting at home for a date night! Just don’t forget to chill it a bit. Nobody likes a warm rosé!

  1. Carayon La Rose – A Trader Joe’s favorite! At under $6 a bottle, you can’t beat this crisp, not-too-sweet rosé.
  2. Whispering Angel – A mid-range priced bottle, but definitely a top contender! It’s definitely a dry rosé but has a smooth finish and really full flavor.
  3. Bieler Pere et Fils Sabine – This one has a mild berry flavor with subtle herbal notes, balancing the fruit and acid really well.
  4. D’orsay – A really refreshing rosé, with notes of honeysuckle and a crisp and fruity flavor.
  5. Cote des Roses – Not only is the bottle beautiful, but it has a full and fresh flavor with floral notes and hints of grapefruit.
  6. “The Palm” Whispering Angel – You can’t beat the trendy look of this one, and the flavor doesn’t disappoint either! It’s got a deeper, fruitier taste than the original Whispering Angel. Easy to drink and definitely a crowd pleaser!

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