While there is a lot of uncertainty in the world right now, one thing we’re certain of is that we have such amazing, loyal customers, and we’re so grateful for the continued support of CFL during this time. You guys have really shown up for us and it means so much. It’s beautiful to see so many people rally together, lift each other up, and do what they can to help others!

As many of you know, small shops and local businesses are definitely taking a hit during the pandemic, and they are depending on the support of loyal customers in order to keep their doors open. We are passionate about supporting small shops and local businesses because, well, we are one! We understand the stress of keeping a business going during a crisis. We understand the need to thrive in order to provide for our families. So today, we wanted to share some ways you can support local businesses and small shops during this crazy time! We also understand that, for a lot of people, spending unnecessary money right now is just not ideal. So we’ve included ways to support that don’t include spending any money at all (we put a star next to those)! There are so many ways to rally around your favorite businesses and help them get through this tough time. We hope you’ll take some time this week to support a few in whatever way you can!

  1. Purchase a gift card. If there’s a local restaurant or shop that you love but aren’t able to visit at this time, purchase a gift card online to use later! It supports the business financially, and you can look forward to visiting them and spending your gift card when all of this is over. You could even gift it to a friend that might need cheering up during this time!
  2. Shop online. Before you hit purchase on Amazon, consider shopping a local business or small shop if they offer shipping! Just remember to be patient as you wait to for things to arrive. Shipping is delayed for many businesses right now, and USPS is very busy during this time as well.
  3. Share on social media*. Whether it be on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, share a local business page and encourage people to support them. Highlight any promos they might be doing at this time, and tell people why you love and support their product or service.
  4. Order takeout. Thank God for takeout, right?! We’ve loved supporting local restaurants that are offering delivery or curbside pickup services during this time. Use it as an opportunity to have an at-home date night by getting food from your favorite local restaurant!
  5. Tip well. This should be a no-brainer even outside of a crisis. Many service industry workers depend on tips for the majority of their income. If you’re able to spare a little extra, it would really bless them to go above and beyond in tipping!
  6. Send an encouraging note*. If you know a small business owner personally, or have a way to send a note or letter to one, reach out to them with some encouraging words. Let them know they’re doing a great job and that you can’t wait to see them and shop with them again when all of this is over. Kindness goes a long way during this stressful time!
  7. Leave a positive review*. Whether it be on their Facebook page or their website, leave a positive review of the product or service! This will encourage those able to spend money to go support the business.
  8. Reschedule, don’t cancel. If you’ve scheduled a service or trip, booked an Airbnb, etc., consider rescheduling it for later in the year or early next year instead of canceling, if you’re able to. You might be surprised at their flexibility and willingness to work something out with you. It gives them hope and encouragement that business is still coming their way!

We hope you’ll take time to support the businesses you love during this time! We have been so blessed and encouraged by our loyal CFL customers, and we appreciate every bit of support. We definitely could not do this without you, so thank you! We’re in this together and we’re going to get through it!

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  1. Adele says:

    You are the best. Your Instagram posts lift me up every day and you are a perfect representative of small business owners.

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