The Spring Launch is here! Springtime may still be working its way here, but we like to be ahead of the curve at CFL! This collection might just be one of our very favorites yet. The new mug shapes, lettering styles, and color palette are all so good and we can’t get enough!

We chose the words and phrases in this collection with a lot of care and intention. We want to encourage and inspire women in all seasons of life. Whether you’re at home caring for little ones, working hard at the college life, hustling in the corporate world, or building your own biz, we all need more positivity, encouragement, motivation, and inspiration in our day to day lives. A nice mug is an item most of us start our days with as we sip our morning coffee, tea, etc. So why not have uplifting messages printed on them for you to see every day? For those of you have been around CFL for a while, you might remember that some of our first best-sellers back in the day were faith-based items like our “Jesus & Coffee” mug and “Joy Comes in the Morning” mug. This Spring, we felt the pull to bring back similar messages and phrases, but with a more modern twist to reflect CFL’s evolving style over the years! Below is the “Mama Needs Jesus” and “Pray All Day” mug!

We also included some more generic but just as encouraging phrases that we know will be sweet reminders to all. Life can be difficult. We’re often far too hard on ourselves, and even our own worst critics. Social media can make it seem like everyone has their life together except for us, but it’s not reality. We’re not strangers to the comparison trap. The reality is we all have insecurities, challenges, and struggles. Nobody’s life is perfectly Instagram-worthy. We wanted to promote messages that remind us all to give ourselves more grace, and to choose joy, because there’s always something to be grateful for. Below is the “Grace Upon Grace” and “Choose Joy” mug!

Last but not least, included in this collection are cotton pullovers! These are brand new apparel items to CFL and we couldn’t love them more! They’re so soft, lightweight and cozy, making them perfect for Spring. We love that they can be thrown on with leggings and a messy bun for a lazy day at home, or paired with a denim jacket and your favorite sneakers for running errands or meeting up with a friend for coffee. We appreciate neutrals and a pop of color all the same, so we’ve got both to choose from! Below is the “Mama Needs Jesus” and “Pray All Day” pullover!

Included in the launch as well are some really cute 8×10 prints! Be sure to check those out too! We hope this post helps you to understand more of the heart and motivation behind this collection! We’re so excited about this launch and we hope you love it all as much as we do! These are great items to treat yourself to and also amazing gifts for your besties. There’s limited quantities of everything, so hurry over to the shop and don’t miss out!

We want to see how you enjoy and style your favorites from the Spring collection. Be sure to share a photo when you get yours and tag @chalkfulloflove!

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