The Valentine fun doesn’t stop around here! We’re having so much fun with creating gift guides, crafts, and party ideas for this Galentine/Valentine season! If you missed it, we’ve got a Valentine Gift Guide, Galentine Gift Guide, a Rainbow Wall Hanging craft, and a post on how to bundle your CFL mug to make the perfect little gift! Be sure to check those out!

The ladies of our church recently got together for a little craft night and we all made our own pom garland to take home. It was so much fun and would make the perfect party decoration or group craft! Just about all the supplies you need can be found on Amazon or any craft store. To make your own pom garland, here’s what you’ll need:

  • embroidery floss
  • sharp tapestry needles
  • felt balls (We purchased ours from this cute Etsy shop. So many fun colors!)
  • yarn for homemade poms & tassels
  • any extras you’d like to add!
  1. First, pick your color palette! For my garland, I had to go with my signature color palette 😉 Warmer tones with a pink, peachy, and rust tint are always my go-to! Arrange your felt balls out on a table in the order and spacing that you want them on your garland.
  2. Next, cut your embroidery floss the length you want your garland to be. This is what you’ll string the felt balls, poms, and tassels on. String the embroidery floss through the tapestry needle, and begin adding the felt balls by putting the needle through the center of each one, one at a time.
  3. Once all the felt balls have been added and spaced out on the embroidery floss, you can start adding your homemade poms and tassels! These are the pom makers we use, and you can find a tutorial for how to use them in my Instagram story highlight called “Pom Craft”. I also shared how you can make your own tassels in our Tassel Dream Catcher post.
  4. To top mine off, I cut out a couple hearts from some cute glitter paper (can be found at any craft store) hole punched them, tied some fuzzy string through them and attached them to my garland! This is an optional step but added a fun Valentine twist to it 🙂
  5. You’re done! Now just find the perfect spot to display your garland! I strung mine on a blanket ladder, but it would also be super cute on a mantle or shelf, or across the front of a table or counter as a party decoration!

You can totally customize it and make it your own! We want to see your pom garlands! Be sure to post a photo and tag @chalkfulloflove

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