If you follow @chalkfulloflove on Instagram, you know gift wrapping is something we’re very passionate about 😉 Presentation is everything! We have so much fun bundling and wrapping gifts, especially for the holidays! We know not everybody is the most crafty, and it can be tempting to just throw presents in a gift bag and call it a day. But we promise, you don’t have to be super crafty to bundle and wrap a cute gift! We decided to dedicate an entire blog post to the subject because that’s how much we love it. So if you’re ready to wrap some gifts CFL style, follow along and have fun with it!

We’ve featured a couple super cute tutorials on Instagram adding lettering and illustrations to your gift wrap. Check it out here! Gift wrapping is the perfect opportunity to put your lettering skills to the test. No fancy tools needed. Just grab some blank kraft gift paper (we use this one from Target) plus some paint pens and sharpies! You can reference our Hand Lettering books for tips and tricks. And if lettering is just not in your wheelhouse, you could even use stencils!

When it comes to bundling gifts, you know we can’t resist a good mug + candle combo! We love finding creative ways to wrap our mugs + candles to make the perfect hostess gift, teacher gift, or present for your mom, sister, bestie, etc. You really can’t go wrong! Try dressing up a CFL candle as shown here with a name tag, homemade pom, and a jingle bell! And maybe stuff a CFL mug with some tissue paper, a bath bomb, and a gift card! You could even put the mug + candle together in a box and fill it with other pampering items like a face mask, bath salts + scrubs, nail polish, etc. And if boxing and wrapping is simply not for you, you can arrange all the items nicely in a basket with some cute tissue paper!]

When it comes to gift presentation, it’s all about the details. Incorporate different paper, twine, and toppers such as jingle bells, dried oranges, name tags, miniature trees, poms, cinnamon sticks… the possibilities are endless! We hope this post helps you take your gift wrapping to the next level this year! A nicely-wrapped/boxed/bundled gift is a simple and thoughtful way to show someone you care! It doesn’t have to be stressful. Once you decide on the direction you want to go, it’s so much fun! Be sure to post photos of your holiday gift wrapping and tag @chalkfulloflove if this post inspired you! Merry Christmas + Happy Holidays!

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