Christmas time is here, and nobody does Christmas like a Gilmore Girl! We all know some of the very best Gilmore Girls episodes take place during the holiday season. Stars Hollow seems like the most picturesque place to spend Christmas! Lorelai and Rory do it upright with all the quirky town events and celebrations, endless cups of coffee at Luke’s, fancy dinners at Richard and Emily’s, walks in the snow around the square… you get the picture! But you don’t have to live in Stars Hollow to have a memorable holiday season. We’ve put together a list of things you can find to do in or around your town to celebrate Christmas like a Gilmore!

  1. Of course, you’ll need one of our Gilmore Girls-themed items. Our “I Smell Snow” camper mug is one of our best-sellers this season! Our Stars Hollow Winter Carnival sweatshirt is also a huge hit this year, and it’s SO soft and cozy! Our “All My Favorites” Christmas Travel mug isn’t Gilmore Girls-themed, but it’s the perfect mug for taking on the go, in true Gilmore fashion!
  2. Next, find a “Winter Carnival”-like event in or near your town! Here in Austin, TX, we have the Trail of Lights in Zilker Park which is one of the largest events held in Austin. It runs for a couple weeks in December and has over 40 displays, 2 million lights, and tons of holiday activities! If you don’t have something like that nearby, try checking out a downtown area nearby and visiting some local shops. It’s one of our favorite things to visit the historic districts in different towns we visit. They always have the cutest holiday decorations!
  3. Take a walk in the snow! If you live somewhere that gets a beautiful blanket of snow each year, we are the most jealous. While we know most northerners are probably sick of it by now, do CFL a favor and take a stroll through the snow on our behalf. Lorelai Gilmore would do it! 😉
  4. Take a ride on a horse-drawn carriage! How can we forget when Jess hopped on the carriage after the Bracebridge dinner to get some one-on-one time with Rory? #TeamJessForever, btw. This would be a perfect date-night activity or even something fun to do with your girlfriends!
  5. Make popcorn garland, decorate cookies, and watch Christmas movies! This is a simple Gilmore tradition that you can do straight from your couch. Bonus points if you watch a classic like White Christmas or Holiday Inn…the Gilmores are all about the classics!
  6. Visit a local diner/restaurant for breakfast! This is an easy one to do, no matter where you live. Find a diner or restaurant that’s unique to your town, and have a little holiday breakfast. Eggs, bacon, pancakes, and a Gilmore favorite — candy cane coffee, if they have it!
  7. Go ice skating! Unfortunately, we can’t all have someone like Luke Danes to build us an ice rink in our front yard. But find a rink near you, grab a date or your girlfriends, and go skating together! A lot of places even have special outdoor ones during the holiday season!

We hope this fun, simple list brought a smile to your face with all its Gilmore-isms! Don’t let the holiday craziness pass you by without truly soaking it all in and making memories with loved ones!

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