Who doesn’t love a good date night with their significant other?! Date Night is the Best Night in my opinion. It’s a chance to truly connect with my husband where we put all distractions away and just focus on each other! It’s crazy how out of touch you can feel with someone you’re so close to when life gets busy! It requires true intentionality, and sometimes a little romance, to make sure you’re really in sync! 

The only downside is that a typical Date Night can be expensive! We live in Austin where there is an abundance of amazing restaurants, exciting things to do, and plenty of opportunities to spend $$$. We have to be strategic with our date nights, and that means sometimes they take place at home. This, however, requires extra intentionality to make sure it’s not just like every other night at home on the couch watching Netflix. We put together a few of our favorite, simple at home date night ideas! These are great for when you need quality time with your significant other but you’re on a tight budget, or just simply don’t feel like going out!

  1. Game Night – I’ll admit, this was a tricky one for my husband and I at first because he’s picky about the kind of games he likes. Luckily we found some we both enjoy playing together! Our current favorites are Dutch Blitz, Codenames, and Scattergories. We have a lot of fun breaking out one of these games along with a bottle of wine and some music!
  2. Charcuterie on the Patio – This does require a little bit of spending, but not nearly what you would pay at a nice restaurant! Plus, the things you buy will last you beyond just one night. We love putting together a good meat and cheese spread for dinner and enjoying it out on our patio! Go to the grocery store together and pick out a few different types of meats and cheeses, plus crackers, olives, etc—all the goodies you need for a delicious charcuterie board! For just two people, you really don’t need a ton. Then go home and assemble your board together, and take it outside to eat, talk, and watch the sunset! 
  3. Movie Night – This one also requires a little spending, but you probably have a $10 bill in your wallet right now that will cover it all! Now, don’t be fooled, this isn’t your average “lay on the couch and watch a movie” kind of night. This is a night to recreate the movie theatre experience at home without dropping $50 (or more)! First, go to the store together for your favorite candy, popcorn, and drink just like the kind of stuff you would get at the movie theatre. Pick out a movie together—maybe one neither of you have seen before, and enjoy your snacks and drinks during it! And be sure to turn off all lights to truly get the theatre feeling! One time we even made a little fort in the living room and laid underneath it to watch the movie. Sounds cheesy, I know! But it really is so fun and cozy!

These are all fun and budget-friendly ways to spend quality time with your significant other at home! Date Night is a time to connect, have meaningful conversation, and get in sync with one another. Sometimes you just need a little fun to get you started! Next time you want to get creative with Date Night, try one of these ideas at home and make the most of it!

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