In the midst of nesting, I also got the urge to craft! Who knew? I haven’t done something crafty in a while and felt the need to make something for Baby E’s room. During one of my long night Pinterest rabbit holes I came across a party with some tassel dream catcher decor! They were so cute and I thought it looked easy enough to recreate, so I went to Michaels and grabbed some supplies. 

Here’s What you Need:

  1. Scissors
  2. Hoop – found mine in the wreath section, you could easily use an embroidery hoop or anything in that shape! 
  3. Yarn
  4. Ribbon

Step 1: I started off with my cream or lighter colored yarn and tied a knot around the hoop. From there I started wrapping it around the hoop in different directions, so that it looked sort of like a web. You can use as much as you want! I decided I liked a busier looking “web” and added some more! 

Step 2: To make the tassels, decide how long you want them to be, then measure out twice as much yarn (i.e. if you want 3 inch long tassels, you’ll need 6 inch strands of yarn). Cut several strands in order to create the thickness that you want. From there, cut one piece of yarn and tie it around the middle of the stack, then fold the yarn in half. Keep the tails of this piece of yarn in tact because that is how you will attach it to the hoop! Then, cut another piece of yarn to wrap around the top of the tassel (about 1/4 of the way down) to hold it all together. You’ll need to give each one a little hair cut because the strands won’t all be even. 

Step 3: Once you’ve created all your tassels it’s time to start assembling. Tie the tassels around the “web” string wherever you want. I kept my tassels in little clusters on the top left and bottom right of the ring. I then added in some ribbons and thicker pieces of yarn for more of a boho look! Just keep adjusting the tassels and ribbons till you’re happy with how it looks. When in doubt, just add more things to it 😉 That is exactly what I did! 

This would be a great party decoration or something fun to craft together with friends. Share a photo of your Tassel Dream Catcher and be sure to tag @chalkfulloflove!

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