It’s peony season, y’all! I don’t know about you, but I’ve been gearing up for this. I’m a frequent customer at Trader Joe’s, and I’m always checking to see when they’ve finally made their appearance in the flower section. Recently, it was my lucky day and I found the most stunning pink peonies that were calling my name! I snatched them up so fast. I’d like to think I got the best ones of the batch 😉

Today we’re sharing with you what we believe is the perfect peony bouquet! Now, I’m no florist, but I’ve learned a thing or two about floral arrangements over the years, and I feel confident in saying that this arrangement will give you all the Summer feels! It’s bright and fun and colorful, and it instantly made my home feel so much happier and cozier sitting on our coffee table! Now, I prefer going a little dramatic with my floral arrangements, but you can go as simple as you want!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. Peonies (or any statement flower of your choice)
  2. Greenery (1-2 varieties)
  3. Accent filler (I chose something with a little color, but not too bold because I wanted the peonies to be the star of the show!)
  4. Vase of your choice (this one from At Home is my favorite that I own!)

My process for putting floral arrangements together is pretty simple! I’m sure a professional might say to do some things differently, but this is what I did and I was super happy with the results!

  1. Place a few stems of greenery as your base. 3-5 stems is ideal depending on how full and leafy they are. I cut the stems as I go and just adjust them along the way. Tip: remove any leaves that are below the mouth of the vase! This applies to all stems you’ll be using. Excess leaves hog all the water and cause mold which kills your flowers faster, so removing them allows the water to travel all the way up the stem, keeping them fresh and alive longer!
  2. Add in your peonies or statement flowers! I had 5 peonies but only used 3 as to not crowd the vase and allow for more filler.
  3. Add in more greenery! Stick some more stems in surrounding the flowers, and some in between them. You may have to keep tweaking and adjusting the stems to get them the way you want. I may or may not have been sweating in determination to get mine just right so I could snap these photos before the natural light disappeared!
  4. Add in your filler stems! These are perfect for filling any little gaps in the arrangement, and they add another pop of color and dimension!

And there you have it! The perfect summer bouquet! This would be such a fun thing to do with a group of friends, or just an easy way to add some color and coziness to your home! Pin this post for later, and be sure to show us your floral arrangements on Instagram by tagging @chalkfulloflove!

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