The clock is ticking. The baby app told me to pack my bags. We could go to the hospital at any time. BAHH. Are you prepared? I tried my best to get as many things into a bag this weekend as I could. A few weeks ago I did a poll on my Instagram asking for help in packing up the hospital bag. The response was overwhelming! If there is anyone who likes to share tips – it is moms. Sometimes when you have a audience like mine, all the information coming at me can be overwhelming.

I am doing my best to grab the best and the most mentioned items for this checklist. Obviously there are tons of other things you can choose to bring to make your hospital stay more comfortable. Also, your birth plan and situation may be different, so you might need other supplies. This is just a guideline!

Here’s the most suggested items for your hospital bag!

Hospital Bag Checklist:

Your Own Pillow with a pillowcase that is recognizable!


Nursing Pads 

Nursing Bra

Nursing Tank top





Nipple Cream

Extra Long Phone Charger

Extra Plugs

Lady Bits Pads/Diapers


Makeup/Face Wipes

Outfit For You

Outfit for Baby


Wine 🙂 

Breastfeeding Pillow

Sound Machine

Portable Speaker

Flip Flops for Shower

Water Bottle/ Insulated Cup

Swaddles for Baby

Baby Book for Footprints

Photo Props 🙂 

Towel from Home


Burp Cloths

Download the Printable Here!

I’ve recently added some not so cute or “unmentionables” to the hospital bag that I think might be helpful for some new “I’m not sure what I am doing or what will happen to me” moms! You can check out it out here!

There was so many people who also said to take advantage of all the hospital gives you. The sexy mesh undies, diapers, etc! I am the kind of person who likes to have options so I am just going to take it all and see what happens.



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  1. ACSwihart says:

    Also, don’t forget eye masks (for you and Dad)!! The internet router for the Mother/Baby rooms was in our room and the light on it was as bright as a freakin night light. Eye mask was primo. Also, if you want to grab a quick nap in the middle of the day while no one is visiting an eye mask is wonderful.

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