The Second Trimester, aka the best trimester has officially come to a close over here! And boy was it lovely, I can already feel my body changing as I enter this last phase of pregnancy and I am wishing I could go back to those glory days. 

As soon as I entered the second trimester, my nausea and acid reflux subsided. Most of the icky nasty feelings seemed to dissipate. Praise the Lord. The bump started to really form and I finally felt pregnant. It’s funny that you are just waiting around for your stomach to pop out a little bit to “feel” pregnant. 

I went into major nesting mode and got most everything I needed accomplished for the baby’s room. I spent way too much on clothes and accessories for sure. But I will warn you now, if you are having a baby girl… it is impossible not to. 

I also decided I wanted to finish some books during this time! I have always loved reading but it has been a few years since I sat down and was able to read a novel. I actually finished two books in about 3 weeks. Not really sure what that urge was about, but unfortunately it has passed. If I start a book now, I will usually just doze off. I read “My Husband’s Wife” which was an interesting thriller and “Where the Crawdads Sing” which was such a good book + unique story. 

During your second trimester, you do get to go see baby around 20 weeks for a full anatomy scan ultrasound! This made me both anxious and excited, as you can probably imagine. Unfortunately, the place we went had some of the oldest technology we have ever seen and we had to watch on a tiny laptop. But it was still pretty special to see her moving around and have her checked out! Everything looked great, she has a large-ish head 😉 and likes to keep her hands up by her face and mouth! 

We went on our baby moon during my second trimester right when I was around 25 weeks. I am so glad we did because I had no idea how different I would be feeling in the coming weeks. I am much more lethargic and just uncomfortable. I would have definitely not been able to do that long flight the way I feel now. Bathing Suits linked below!

After we got home from the baby moon I had the pleasure of getting a few maternity photos done with Allann Arnold Photography! You can see a few below + I will link both dresses. 

With the addition of the larger bump, I had a lot of fun finding ways to dress it. I invested in a good amount of maternity basics from Target + Gap and I am really glad I did. I can usually make something non maternity work when paired with a maternity basic. I also grabbed a few core maternity dresses and bathing suits for the hot Texas summer ahead! You can shop all of my favorites below! Including my favorite non-maternity but works so well while pregnant leggings!

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