You may or may not know this, but I am not a huge fan of traveling. This dates back to any childhood memory for me due to anxiety. Anything out of my routine used to set off my panic attacks. So getting on a plane, traveling, sleeping in a new place can be a little overwhelming. 

That being said, in my adult years, I have gotten better and enjoyed traveling a bit more. Traveling with my husband especially 🙂 3 years ago we went on a short honeymoon to Hawaii and had the most magical time. When we left, we promised each other that we would make an effort to come back. Fast forward 3 years and here we are pregnant and I had the strong desire to do a babymoon. Which my mother has never heard of… she couldn’t quite grasp the concept. But basically it is a trip with your significant other before the baby comes! Gives you time to spend alone before you know the biggest change in your life happens. 

We decided to venture back to Hawaii and stay in the same area as our Honeymoon. Unfortunately, our favorite Airbnb was booked but we found a cute little cottage down the road on Kailua beach. If you have been to Oahu, you might be familiar with the Waikiki area or North shore but not a ton of people know about this little gem on the windward side! Kailua beach is the prettiest beach I have ever seen. We absolutely lovvveee it over here. 

Since we had been to the island before, we did not want to pack in too many adventures but rather we wanted to relax and just soak in some couple time. I think we did a good job of doing a little bit of both. On our honeymoon we did all the hikes and lookouts but being pregnant those did not interest me at all. I can barely catch my breath walking up the stairs. 

Here are a few things that we did do:

Ho’omaluhia Botanical Garden – would highly recommend this park. It was so beautiful and free! You can do a little drive through it. Or park at the visitor center and walk around. We saw so many maternity/engagement photoshoots happening! 

Spa day in Waikiki – The actual spa day was lovely, but we always regret (the two times we have done it) driving into Waikiki. Yes, it is beautiful but Lordy there are so many people and the parking is horrendous. I originally wanted to do the beautiful outdoor spa at The Royal Hawaiian, but they were closed for renovations the week we were there. That is my luck. So we went to the Moana Surfrider, another historic and beautiful hotel! The spa was a 8/10. The masseuse was a 10/10. We went down and ate at the beach bar for lunch and loved it! I got a virgin pina colada and a giant hot dog so I was in heaven. 

Visited Dolphins at Kahala Resort – From Waikiki we drove down to the Kahala resort to see the dolphins they have on the premises. These kind of things always make me slightly uncomfortable, I never know what kind of conditions the dolphins have or what their circumstances are. I am not a big fan of zoos or animal containment but rather enjoy an animal sanctuary. I will say it was pretty magical to see them so close. You can easily park in the garage at the resort and get your ticket validated if you have a cocktail or a snack at their beach bar. You can also use their beach. We sat on a cute little couch, people watched and had another mocktail/cocktail. They did have quite a lovely and secluded beach! 

Drove the Coast back to Kailua – From Waikiki you can take the southern coastal route back to Kailua and see some pretty amazing views. This is where Makapuʻu Beach is and other famous surfing beaches are located! Definitely worth the extra few minutes to see this coast line. The water is incredible and where it hits rocky cliffs is quite a sight! 

Drove to the North Shore for smoothie bowls and views – great smoothie bowl can be found up on the North Shore at the Sunrise Shack! 

We stopped at Chinaman’s hat for a little drone flying + taking in some views. The beach was okay there. It’s slightly small and not as nice sand, but I think you can actually walk all the way out to the island! 

We also hit up hit Laie point, which is a nice little lookout or view point. There are maybe 5 parking spots and it is at the edge of a neighborhood. So it is a little strange when you are driving up! 

You can also stop at the PCC on the way up. It is like a large amusement park thing with shopping and food trucks. There were a ton of tourists and I decided it wasn’t really my scene. 

Luau – Before hitting the island, I did book a luau. I do fully regret doing so, although my husband said it wasn’t that bad. I went against my nature and thought it would be a cultural thing I would enjoy but again it was pretty touristy and I desperately wanted a cocktail. I was so uncomfortable in the plastic chair we ended up leaving early. The luau we did go to, has great reviews and I am pretty sure everyone else was enjoying themselves; I just should have known. 

The rest of the time we spent relaxing in our cottage or out on the beach. Kailua beach park is seriously the prettiest beach we have ever seen. The water is so lovely and you can just float around in it forever!

Where we ate:

Nalu Health Bar – Acai Bowls

Makai Bowls – Acai Bowl Food Trailer

Maui Brewing Co – Lunch

Goen – Lunch Sushi 

Lanikai Brewing Co – Beer for Bubs

Chad Lou Coffee – Coffee + Breakfast

The Beach Bar at Moana Surfrider Hotel 

Buzz’s Steakhouse – walking distance from our accommodations

Where we stayed: 

Honeymoon – AirBnB

What we loved: privacy, location, walk to beach, coziness, the hosts, the welcome!

these were taken in the main house above the airbnb property

Babymoon – VRBO

What we loved: the space, amenities, walk to beach, location

What we didn’t love: there was little privacy between the houses. The walk to the beach required a crossing of a street that was pretty busy!

We were so lucky that we were able to take this trip and make all these memories! We will never forget it. The long plane ride was definitely worth it. 😉

xo Sarah

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