I’m not gonna lie. I miss getting an Easter basket every year! Who doesn’t honestly? I have really sweet memories of walking out of my bedroom on the morning of Easter and seeing an adorable basket sitting on the kitchen table that my mom…uh, I mean, The Easter Bunny…had put together for me.

I have to say that if it were up to me, we’d all still be getting Easter baskets. Think about it. How fun and exciting would it be to walk into work and see an Easter basket on your desk from a coworker? Or to receive one from a friend, family member, or significant other?

We’ve put together a few Easter baskets, perfect for the best ladies in your life. You could even start a new tradition by getting a group together and drawing names so that everybody gets one! With a trip to Target (as per usual) and a few clicks in the CFL Shop, you’ll have the perfectly curated Easter basket. And don’t forget to send this post to your significant other. Gotta drop those subtle hints so you can get one of these lovely baskets yourself 😉

For the Lady of Luxury:

Shea Moisture Gel Mask

For the New Mama:

Mama Bear Mug

Mother’s Milk Tea

For your Bestie


For the Teen:

Wild Child Perfume Rollerball

For Your Person:

Fringe Hoop Earrings

Whoever gets one of these baskets is a lucky lady indeed! Happy Easter!

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