Seems like forever ago when we found out we are expecting a little babe. Our story might be different than most but it’s ours and I love it! We have been together for a little over 7 years and married for almost 3. We took our time with our relationship and I am so glad we did. When I was younger I thought I wanted to get pregnant at 22 and be done by 30. But it turns out God’s plan was to actually start making babes at 30. That gave me time to enjoy my husband, grow my business, and understand myself a little bit better. I have always struggled with anxiety and depression and I knew that was going to come into play when I wanted to start a family. But, that is another story for another day! 

The Summer of 2018 hubs and I decided we would start not-not-trying. Read that how you like. And I was very surprised when I was expecting one of my very regular periods to come and then it didn’t. I went to Target, got one of their Target brand pregnancy tests because my sister once told me they were all the same. I didn’t tell hubs what I was doing and took it. I was full of anxiety waiting for the test to complete. And when it did all that anxiety started to spill out and I was completely overwhelmed. I came out sobbing to him and his response was what completely calmed me. He was overjoyed and so excited. He literally could not believe it and neither could I! 

I immediately started googling things and freaking myself out. Cool. Lesson 1 – never get on google. I went to my doctor to inquire about the medications I was taking and to see if I needed to stop them. Turns out I did and another wave of anxiety hit. She was very reassuring and told me that our bodies are doing incredible work and that my mind could handle it. Those first weeks I was very nervous and did a lot of meditating, reading, and just trying to keep myself distracted. Turns out getting preggers during your busy season at work is kind of stressful but is also a good distraction.

This being my first child, I had no idea how many things were off limits during pregnancy. Obviously, I knew I had to give up my wine + cocktails. Boo. But sushi, soft cheese, kombucha, deli meat, runny eggs – say it ain’t so.

I downloaded the app “Sprout” to keep a timeline of the babe. It shows you the size of the baby, what is developing currently in the baby, what you should be doing to prepare, and doctor tips!

Symptoms I experienced during week 6-12

  1. I had mild cramping in my pelvis area. 
  2. I was incredibly bloated – thought I had already grown a belly. 
  3. I started getting nauseated + heart burn.
  4. I was emotional and mostly about food. 
  5. I was very fatigued.

I told my close friends + family pretty early on in the pregnancy because I am not good at keeping secrets and because I stopped drinking wine. It was pretty obvious. We went in around 6/7 weeks for my first ultrasound and got to see the little blob and you could see she had a flicker heart beat 😍. Then again at 9 weeks to do a blood test that told us about her chromosome makeup and gender of the babe. We took the panorama test: “Panorama is a market-leading noninvasive prenatal screening test (NIPT) that reveals your baby’s risk for genetic disorders as early as nine weeks. Panorama analyzes baby’s (placental) DNA through a simple blood draw from the mother’s arm.

Getting to know what the sex was that early was completely worth it to me. It immediately made me feel closer to her. I also had the pleasure of doing some shopping that I have been training my whole life for. 

Let’s just say I don’t miss the first trimester. The constant nausea and bloating are a thing of the past for me. Praise the good Lord. (also I hope it doesn’t come back.) The second trimester has started off great and there are so many new things to be feeling! I will fill you in soon after.

If you are currently going through your first trimester my biggest piece of advice is that it will be over soon! If you are experiencing that nasty nausea, just eat small meals more frequently, that seemed to help me out a lot! 

My Fav Pregnancy Book: Nurture

My Fav Pregnancy Pillow: Preg Pillow

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