I don’t know what it is about the holidays, but I am always itching to craft! Are you like that? We made a really fun neutral pinecone pom pom garland two Christmas’ ago you should check out! I have been loving these simple hoop wreaths and I thought it would be fun to make my own. Want to make one? You should – because it was super easy. We got all of our supplies at Michaels. I would make sure you go during one of their 40-50% off the florals because those can get pricey!

What you’ll need:

  1. Hoop – can be found in the wreath section at Michaels. They have metal and MDF options.
  2. Florals/Greenery
  3. Floral Wire
  4. Glue Gun (optional)
  5. Scissors

We worked mainly with a few bunch or bouquet style florals where we used a few pieces from each. I knew I wanted something a little more natural, so I stuck to the realistic looking cedar, pine, fir tree branches, and some flocked pine cones! Start out by removing all the pieces you’ll use from their bunches. You can start by moving the wire back and forth to create a bend and eventually break it from the bunch. Sometimes it is necessary to use scissors or wire cutters (for those thick ones). Once all your branches and pieces are removed decide where you would like them to lay on your wreath. I started with my biggest piece which was the fraser fir with the small pine cones. I attached it at the bottom of the hoop with some floral wire. For good measure, where it hit the top of the wreath I did hot glue it. Like I said above, this is an optional step, you can use floral wire here as well.

Once my largest piece was set into place, I took some of the pieces of cedar and other greens to fill in the blank spaces. This is where your style will start to shine through. Either you are a more is more kind of lady or maybe you are more minimal! Continue to fill in your blank spots using floral wire. Pro Tip: get a floral wire that will match most of the florals you choose. I’ve seen it in green, silver and gold!

Once I felt like I had the right amount of greens on the hoop and distributed them how I wanted, I added two of the flocked pine cones as my little centerpiece! They had wire that was able to be used around the hoop to secure them. You could also easily hot glue them down.

As you can see, I wanted mine asymmetrical so I put a little more weight in my greens at the top left. Jill and Meghan also joined me in craft time! Here is how theirs turned out:

Jill also went for a slightly asymmetrical look with a heavy amount of greens! She used the big natural pine cones that were attached to our green bunches. She finished hers off with some flocked branches that she attached from behind with floral wire!

Meghan already got hers up and styled and doesn’t it look so cute?! She used the metal hoop we found at Michaels that was slightly larger than the MDF option. She also spray painted it gold. In an ideal world, it would be gold already. 😉 She did a more symmetrical look and used eucalyptus to center everything!

Hope you enjoy this craft! Make sure to tag us if you end up making it on Insta @chalkfulloflove!

Happy Crafting,


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