Let’s face it. Shopping for dudes is hard. It feels like you come up with the same things every year and you are tired of them! Don’t worry girl, we are here to help you. We’ve scoured the web for the best of the best things to get your man! These gifts are sure to please.

1. Apple Watch – They just updated the Apple watches this year so it is a great time to purchase one! My hubs loves his and wears it every day. We enjoy competing in closing our exercise rings daily.

2. Flat Wallet – This wallet is a great update to your bulky folder that barely fits in your jeans pockets.

3. Beach Master Sunglasses – My hubs got these this year and cannot say enough good things about them. They are pricey, but the quality is amazing! Plus – every purchase of eyewear from Toms gives back!

4. Nespresso – This one obviously snuck it’s way on to my list because it is my favorite thing ever. If you are ready to step up your morning coffee routine, this is a gift that keeps on giving not only to him but to you!

5. Mapiful Map – My husband is always looking for unique and manly pieces for his Man Cave. I love these posters so much. I grabbed one for him this Christmas of his college town. That town holds a lot of special memories for him and I know he will love putting it up! You can actually get 10% OFF with code: chalkfulloflove10

6. Apple Air Pods – Another product that my hubs swears by. I have actually never met anyone who did not love these wireless air pods. Just go ahead and get them. Easy stocking stuffer!

7. Santal Cologne – Yes, It might seem pricy for this little bottle, but it is 100% worth it. Just one spray of this baby and you’ll be smelling good All. Day. Long. No joke. Its hard to describe just how good this smells with its mix of sweet and spicy (plus its unisex, so who’s to say I can’t have a spray every now and then). It is hands down my all-time favorite smell.

8. Sonos Beam – Another thing my hubs asked for Christmas (and he got! Don’t tell him) He loves anything sound related and he claims this is one of the best sound bars on the market!

9. Pair of Thieves Socks – This is always a go to stocking stuffer for me! Hubs loves this brand of socks + underwear. They never disappoint.

10. GoodFellow Shoes – Great affordable shoe option that look expensive!

11. Sherpa Jacket – Can’t go wrong with a cozy + cute sherpa lined jacket. Plus they are having mega sales.

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