Mother’s day. The day where you want your mom to know just how special she is to you, yet somehow you find yourself standing in the the Target aisle the day before trying to find something that will strike the perfect balance of “I love you so much”, “Thank you for giving birth to me” and  “I’m such a thoughtful daughter and I know who you are on a deep level”. Or you just go the flower route. Which is not a bad route, mind you, but sometimes it can feel a little thoughtless or last-minute. The thoughtful little gift giver in us wants more. It wants to give that gift that will make you the favorite child forever.

As I write this I am trying to think of the best gift I ever got my mom and I literally cannot remember anything I’ve gotten her for mother’s day. So, with that in mind, I’m resolving to do better this year. I’m thinking ahead (at least a little bit) and going for gold!

I also put together a little list of Mother’s day gift ideas so that you too can get ahead of the game 🙂

Mother's Day Gift Guide


1. + 2. – Mom Fuel + your favorite bag of coffee

3. JillMakes Earrings

4. The Market Tote

5. + 6. Lady boss Mug + Mast Brothers Chocolate 

7. Sseko Leather Bag

8. Scarf

9. + 10.  PJ Set + Candle

I’ll be adorning my gift with a hand written card with a thoughtful note to earn those extra brownie points, (because every mom is a sucker for a sweet note) and you too can use your fancy lettering that you learned from 101 & 201 to make your own card! If you do, please be sure to share your creation with us with!

Happy gifting!


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