Don’t you worry, Its a struggle for us all. Buying a gift for a man is hard work. We’ve all found ourselves looking at our Christmas shopping list with everyone but our husbands marked off the list. Most of the time this is due to the fact that they just don’t tell us what they want, so we are left to our creativity and the battle of “is this thoughtful? Is it too practical? Will he like it?” In our heads.

Men's Holiday Gift Guide

I’ve done some research (i.e. I’ve talked to other women) and there seems to be some overlap in the things our guys want and enjoy. Most of them like little gadgets that make their life easier, They all love comfortable underwear, and deep down they want things that look good with little effort. I also believe with all of my heart that no man does not enjoy smelling good, so I always like to include something a little luxurious and super yummy smelling.

With my research in mind I’ve complied a little guide for you in case you are in a rut. Most items even fit in a stocking and many of them are things that you will be seeing under my tree this year!

  1. Herschel Back Pack 
  2. Manly Soap
  3. Comfy + Stylish Goodfellow Henley 
  4. Tile – Anything Finder
  5. Pair of Thieves Underwear
  6. LL Bean Slippers
  7. Whisky Guide
  8. His and Hers Rocks Glasses
  9. Comfy Joggers 
  10. Funny Socks
  11. Bottle of Bourbon – this is my hubs favorite!
  12. Allbirds




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