Cheese completes me. Too far?

There was this one time that I went full on Paleo and cut out all dairy products from my life and somehow convinced myself that I didn’t really even like or need cheese. Then I added it back in and I thought to myself “What is wrong with you? Are you crazy!? Cheese is amazing”. I do eat less of it than I used to (for tummy reasons) but man do I love cheese. Especially a cheese plate.

Cheese plates are simultaneously the easiest appetizer to pull together and also the most stressful thing ever. When I’m having people over I always think “I know! I’ll just throw together a quick cheese plate” and then after standing in the cheese aisle for what seems like 3 hours, I’m re-thinking the whole decision. It just feels so overwhelming. What cheeses go together? What kind of jams should I get, sweet or savory? crackers or tiny toasts? dried fruit or nuts? So, to save you some cheese aisle anguish, I’ve put together a go-to cheese plate for you in your time of need.

The key to a good plate is to have some variety of texture. Try to have a soft, medium, and hard cheese. Add something sweet (like jam). Then make it pretty by adding some fresh fruit (grapes & strawberries) and herbs (rosemary or mint). If you have time, pull the cheese out of the fridge a little early and let it get room temp before serving. I hear thats what the cool kids do.

In conclusion:

Soft Cheese + Medium Cheese + Hard Cheese + Jam + Fruit + Herbs + Crackers = Perfect Cheese Plate


  • Brie
  • Grueyere or a Sharp Cheddar
  • Asiago (We used one that had rosemary in it and was DE-LISH), Manchego is also a good option!
  • Add ons:
  • Grapes
  • Strawberries
  • Rosemary or Mint sprigs
  • Jam (Raspberry is my fav), spread on top of the brie or in a little jar on the side.
  • Crackers (The Multigrain crackers from Trader Joe’s are the perfect cracker and I could eat them all day)

If you are wanting to add something more substantial to the plate, add some prosciutto & salami to the platter. To make it look a little more fancy cut the prosciutto in half and roll them into easy to grab pieces, then do the same with the salami.

Viola! There you have it! The perfect cheese plate for all of your entertaining needs!

Our favorite Serving boards:

This cute one from Crate and Barrel! 

This modern beauty from West Elm

This slate option from Target




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