I am a sucker for a good bathing suit. In my later years, I have learned you gotta shell out a few extra dollars for a good quality bathing suit. I know it is hard but it makes all the difference. Don’t worry – I chose some great Target options that are cheaper and I have found to be great quality. All the suits I have chosen in the round up I have purchased this year. I told you I like a good bathing suit. Don’t judge me.

My body type – I am 5’8 I weigh a little more than I want to + have a pear shaped body. I would even venture to say I have a large bottom.

1.Trina Turk One Piece – Let us take a moment of silence for how buttery this bathing suit feels. I know you can’t feel through the screen but my gosh. I am pretty sure she makes these from some sort of magic butter fabric. I will have to verify that though. This suit has great coverage and is so flattering. The high neck is a fun trend that I am loving this year, except I imagine if you are worried about getting a strange tan, this might do that. I, however, am the color of a porcelain doll – and do not tan.

2. Athleta, black and white stripe suit. Another splurge but can be worn 4 different ways! I love a reversible piece because you can rationalize paying more for it. Right? The butt coverage on these bottoms is phenom (don’t worry about that model – I think she is wearing a XS.) The back also has a fun + different cut out. This suit also feels like butter. I think that is the extra cost for these suits – the butter.

3. Vanilla Beach – Target. I love this suit – way more affordable not quite as buttery (I would venture to say the butter to fabric ratio is quite low) but still a great suit. The top is super fun and like nothing I have. it wraps in the front to clasp in the back! The front does show a lot of cleve so if you have a little extra ta ta be prepared.

4. Shade and Shore – Target. Have you seen this line at Target? The suits are all actually really cute and good quality. I tried a few that made me just a little too booby but finally landed on this one. I love the global print. Warning – very cheeky bottoms. Not usually my style but sometimes you gotta make sacrifices. Probably will only wear around husband and no other family members for the sake of embarrassing them.

Hey there, Jill here. Unlike Sarah, Im a wear-the-same-swimsuit-till-you-cant-wear-it-no-more kind of lady, which means I’m looking for something versatile & timeless. I am 5’4 with a fairly, athletic shape (aka, rectangular), so I tend to go for more athletic styles.

Here are some of my favorites this year:

5. Striped Two Piece – Anthro

6.  Royal Blue Two Piece – J Crew

7.  Black Two Piece – Anthro

8.  Striped One Piece – J Crew

In my extensive search for the perfect swimsuit I did learn a few things:

If you a looking for booty coverage, check out Athleta

If you are looking for unique style, check out Anthro

If you are looking for classic solids try J.crew

If you are looking for quality fabrics try Nordstrom

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