Get your pens out and fill up your wine glasses, it’s time for you to to become the confident creative letterer that you’ve always wanted to be.

So, you started lettering (you probably even learned with Hand Lettering 101 & 201!) but now you find yourself wanting more ways to practice and grow your lettering skills. Maybe you have mastered the letters but just want a little more design help. Or maybe you are in a creative rut and just need some fresh inspiration!

Sometimes, no matter what level you are at, it can be SUPER annoying to try and find new ways to up your lettering game. You’ve bought all the lettering books on Amazon. You’ve done all the practice drills a million times. Don’t even get me started on that one book you got that is totally useless and impractical. All you want is to get better! Is that too much to ask?

The struggle is real. You want to continue learning, but you don’t know what to do next.

You find your self asking:

How do I make my lettering into an actual design?

Which tools do I use to get the look I want?

How do I create my own unique style of lettering?

Where can find new creative ways to practice and continue improving my skills?

Maybe you know how to letter, but sometimes (ok, maybe most of the time) your lettering doesn’t come out looking like it does in your head.

Or maybe, you just want to be able to make a sign for your friend’s baby shower, or a birthday card for your BFF and be able to do it without having to troll Instagram or Pinterest for ideas that you can copy…

We’ve been there.

Sure, you might not want the whole world to see the way you lettered “hello” for the first time. None of us do. But you powered through and got better! 

So, the problem is not with your ability to get better. The problem is that you aren’t inspired enough to actually sit down and practice. It’s too much effort to find a book that has projects you actually want to make. You don’t have the mental space to come up with your own practice words. And there is just too much information to sift through on the internet to find anything useful. 

Luckily, the answer to these problems is simple. You just  need some fresh new ways to practice that are actually fun! You need a place where you feel inspired, instead of a place where you feel stressed or like a failure. 

If you find something enjoyable, it is so much easier to make time for it. And that is what you need. You need lettering to be enjoyable, fun, and inspiring so that you can become a more confident creative letterer.

Can you imagine what might happen if you got rid of the obstacles that stood in the way of you getting better? No more creative ruts, no more frustration about resources, no more excuses that you don’t have time, no more questions about what to practice…

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You have two payment options, Pay for a full 12 month subscription and save 20% or grab a recurring monthly payment plan!


Imagine what you could do If you had…

  • Someone teach you the basics of design
  • Practice materials that you actually enjoyed
  • A guide to help you create your own style
  • Instruction on how to master those tricky letters and connections

You could…

  • Have your own unique lettering style
  • Confidently design your own projects
  • Feel comfortable in your creativity

Hi, I'm Sarah!

Did you know that I am a self-taught letterer? When I was first learning to letter I was ordering random books and tools looking for inspiration and direction and while some of them were helpful, most of them were either too simple, or just plain impractical. Everything just seemed to come up short. So when I had the opportunity to write Hand Lettering 101, I knew I wanted to make it practical, and something that would be the perfect starting point for a beginner. Then came Hand Lettering 201 and I took into account all of the feedback from 101 and created more alphabets and more projects! The results were amazing and y’all have become some amazing letterers!

So now with 101 and 201 as your foundation, you just need to keep on practicing! And that is why I created the CFL Letter Club. 

sign up for the cfl letter club!

You have two payment options, Pay for a full 12 month subscription and save 20% or grab a recurring monthly payment plan!

Aren’t you ready to feel confident and WOW people with your lettering?

Sure, you could just keep buying new books when they pop up in your amazon recommendations or random tools without any knowledge of how to use them. You could continue to pin all those tips on Pinterest or search online for inspiration…

Or you could join the CFL Letter Club.

As a member of this exclusive club you will receive fun new ways to practice and grow your lettering skills while also gaining inspiration and creative confidence. All delivered right to your inbox.

Maybe you are thinking.. Yeah! This sounds great! 

But what makes this club unique? 

  • For starters, consistent practice is the best practice and by getting something new delivered to your inbox every month you won't grow tired of doing the same old thing. It keeps your practice fun and fresh.
  • Instead of spending even more of your precious time searching online or flipping through books for inspiration you'll have new content each month that is ready and waiting for you when you get the itch to practice.
  • You'll be learning from years of experience and getting tips and tricks from a variety of letterers! We’ve got some amazing guest contributors lined up and they are ready to share their secrets!
  • Also, to ensure that you don’t feel alone in the journey, you will be connected with a community of people who are committed to improving their lettering skills just like you. You can ask questions, send out some encouragement, share your progress, the world is truly your oyster.
  • I’ll also be just an email away in case you need a pat on the back, or just a suggestion for which wine pairs best with lettering…

Here’s what your Membership gets you:

  • 1 Lettering Surprise sent directly to your inbox EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH.
  • Exclusive information on new lettering tools along with tips and tricks on how to use them!
  • Access to the CFL Letter Club community where you can ask questions, share ideas and get feedback

sign up for the cfl letter club!

You have two payment options, Pay for a full 12 month subscription and save 20% or grab a recurring monthly payment plan!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this the same stuff I’ve seen in 101 & 201?
No! This is all new, never before see content and is built on the foundation of what you learned in 101 & 201. We recommend completing Hand Lettering 101 before joining the club!

Is this club for advanced letterers only?
No! This club is great for beginner and experienced letterers alike! This is a resource that is meant to get you  practicing no matter where you are in your lettering journey!


Can I sign up at any time?
Yes, once you sign up, you will start receiving surprises in your inbox at the beginning of each month. 

Is this going to be a glorified newsletter?
No, This content is equal in quality and value to what you would purchase from our shop. It will include a download that can either be printed or used with the Procreate App + iPad.

The Lettering Surprises will include new practice drills, tutorials, and expert tricks of the trade that you won’t find anywhere else. Each one is designed by yours truly, along with some stellar guest contributors and promise to be practical, useful and most of all, FUN!

So what’s the investment? Its simple. 

You could keep spending your hard earned dollars on random books and tools that leave you frustrated and uninspired…


You can invest in growing your skills and start getting quality lettering practice delivered directly to your inbox every month.

So lets get started, shall we?

Sign up for the CFL letter club!

You have two payment options, Pay for a full 12 month subscription and save 20% or grab a recurring monthly payment plan!

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